Market research for metro rail component

We conducted an in depth research on the capacity of selected Indian suppliers for the Metro Rail Components for supplying to a metro coach manufacturer.

Future demand forecasting for market entry of certain products in Indian market

We prepared an in-depth report with insights on the Future Demand Forecasting for client’s product segment in India for market entry along with additional insights.

Diversification to Railways

We advised a client on their potential diversification to the rail sector for their existing presence in the automobile sector and market entry to the rail market.

Market research for market entry to rail sector

We conducted an in-depth research on the market entry for the railway machinery supplier from overseas for Indian projects.

Metro coach requirement in India

The client had been a metro component Supplier from Europe and already been supplying its products to other countries from its European plant. They wanted to know potential for their products in India. We were able to deliver the complete insights to them.

Pricing Insights & Competition Analysis

The client wanted the complete competitive analysis on their products in Indian market along with the local pricing existing in India.

About us

We specialise in Market Research & Strategic Consulting for companies looking to diversify or expand their production for the Indian market. From assisting and understanding the market, developing a market strategy to establish their operations , together with strong local project partners, we are able to provide a complete insight into the Indian market

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